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Information is power. Education should certainly take advantage of this little truth.

Within Educate students and parents will know exactly where a student is within their learning. They will be able to see the exact skills they need to learn now and exactly where they are in the learning of that skill.

Since Educate comes with detailed scoring guides for each common core standard, a student can see what prerquisite knowledge is needed, what is required at each stage of learning a specific skill from beginner to advanced, and what each stage of learning looks like. 

Armed with this information a student can see where they are now and the very next step that needs to be taken in the learning. They can then look for existing activities within Educate (such as video lessons, practice work sheets, projects or assessments) and self assign any work to keep the learning process churning.  Since they now know exactly what they are required to learn and have examples of what learning each  skill looks like they can create their own activities and submit them for teacher review! 

Educate also can create custom pathways of learning for students, suggesting activities to meet student needs.

Students are now aware of their own learning needs at an unpresidented level. We have seen students figure out how they can become proficient in skills on their summer trip to Disney Land!

Educate can be accessed anywhere, any time and on any device. Boundaries on learning have now been removed.


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Educate provides educators the tools necessary to propel their systems into this new era of learning for the 21st Century.