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Make 'Mass Personalized Learning' a reality

Moving from a 'one size fits all' approach of instruction to personalizing learning for each student is a big step in the right direction to help solve problems inherent in the traditional method of teaching. However, we end up creating a new problem that we never had before. Since we now purpose to meet each student at the place of their need, and all students do not have the same needs, we create a classroom that can be very hard to manage.

Educate Pathways allows teachers to manage and keep track of multiple students' learning achievement while having the flexibility to accelerate some and remediate others. There are quite a few decisions to make when trying to address the individual needs of all students within a class. Based on data, Educate can automatically answer many of these questions. A teacher can get an overview of all needs within a class, from remedial to advanced, and Educate can help the teacher develop a single pathway to address all needs. Educate then takes this plan and automatically differentiates it for each student, only assigning the parts of the plan that are relevant to each student. The students end up viewing a version of the plan that has been personalized to meet their very needs.

Student control

Educate Pathways allows students (and parents) to access their learning targets and options at any time from any place. Students can choose when and how they will learn and be assessed on many of the mandatory standards in which they must show proficiency. Imagine being on a family trip visiting Gettysburg or watching a show on neutron stars. You log onto Educate Pathways find the learning target that is associated with what you just learned. You could do the assessment and submit it to your teacher. How cool is that?

Teacher management

Educate Pathways allows teachers to see which students in their classes have mastered learning targets and which students are struggling or not keeping up. Once students understand the system, they can have more ownership of their learning, allowing the teacher to support struggling students while allowing other students to move ahead once they are ready . And it is all at your fingertips in a user friendly, visually informative format.

Educate provides educators the tools necessary to propel their systems into this new era of learning for the 21st Century.