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Transform your Classroom with the Common Core and Educate

As more and more states adopt the Common Core, the potential to leverage teacher work grows exponentially. Educate, RISC (Re-Inventing Schools Coalition) and Marzano Labs have teamed up to give you a solid framework to get the most out of the Common Core.

Marzano Labs and RISC have unpacked the Common Core and created easy to understand rubrics to communicate to teachers, students and parents what must be learned, a sequence for the learning, and examples of how to teach the skill as well as examples of what learning the skill looks like.

We currently offer a limited number of activities and assessments all aligned to the Common Core. This is growing on a daily basis. This effort really accelerates when you share your good work with your colleges around the nation. Educate provides a network for organizations to share work with others as they benefit from others at the same time.

Not using the Common Core? No worries. Educate allows you to define your own set of standards that may better reflect your community. If you can associate your standards to the Common Core then you can also take advantage of the great work going on throughout the nation.

Accelerate Learning

Utilizing the latest in real time technology, as well as best practices in education, Educate provides the tools and management to meet the individual needs of every child. The unique aspect of Educate Pathways is its flexibility. Whether you are using Common Core standards or another set of standards, Educate Pathways allows for flexibility and customization. Teachers can upload their favorite activities, add links to videos, websites and more. Collaboration between professionals is easy allowing for sharing of resources within your entire district. As the resources in Educate Pathways grow and change, the possibilities become even greater.

Anywhere Anytime

Empower Anywhere/Anytime Learning within your district!
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What's Under the Hood?

Answer: A rich set of tools for Administrators, Staff, Teachers, Parents and Students!
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Personalized Learning

Mass Personalized Learning ... No longer a nice philosophy, now it is a classroom reality.
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Educate provides educators the tools necessary to propel their systems into this new era of learning for the 21st Century.