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Unleash the potential of your students, teachers and district

Educate offers the flexibility of having students in different classes collaborate on assignments and teachers in different buildings collaborate to create and develop meaningful learning and assessment tasks. Knowing the factory model approach fails to meet the needs of every child, schools are now ready to move away from the one-size-fits-all model. Educate is the tool that allows schools to adopt a personalized approach to learning. As the network of teachers and students grows, districts begin to see significant impact on the entire system.

Anywhere Anytime

Empower Anywhere/Anytime Learning within your district!
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Common Core & More!

Get the tools you need to really make the Common Core come alive!
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What's Under the Hood?

Answer: A rich set of tools for Administrators, Staff, Teachers, Parents and Students!
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Personalized Learning

Mass Personalized Learning ... No longer a nice philosophy, now it is a classroom reality.
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Educate provides educators the tools necessary to propel their systems into this new era of learning for the 21st Century.